Want to get more followers on Instagram? Start here!

Here are 4 areas to focus on to grow your audience on Instagram – fast! ⠀

1. Bio
First impressions count so, get your bio right. Is it clear what you do and how you can help your potential customers?
• Add a clear photo of logo
• Add a search category
• Put a name into the bio where possible
• Bullet point bio details, make it super clear what you do
• Add your website site or a Link.tr if you have enough info


2. Content
As the saying goes ‘Content is King’ Here’s a few ways to win the content game
• Post regularly. The optimum posting is once a day but if that’s not possible 3 times a week is minimum.
• Come up with 4-6 content areas that your customers are interested in. Use a varity of content and format (carousel, video, single image) to get the most stand out. Remember the content should relate to what the customer wants not what you want to tell them.
• Post quality content. It’s fine to repurpose old content and other people’s content just make sure you reference them (@mention)– always! People, quotes, trends and testimonials all make good content
• Use all placement options and mix it up. That includes, your feed, IGTV, Stories and Live video
• Mention, tag and ask key influencers. Try asking micro influencers to be a brand advocate before launching in to find macro influencers

3. Engagement
Social media is all about engagement and comments are way more important than likes. Try to strike up a conversation with your followers and you’ll start to understand what they are looking for
• Use mainly smaller, niche hashtags (under 50k) on Instagram to be seen and include them in your stories. You can use up to 30 on a post and I say they are there, so use them! I recommend 10 focussing on the marketing outcome e.g. #tryveggiefood. 10 about the image e.g. #veggiebbq and 10 aiming at your client #vegancook
• Engage, engage, engage! Join in with conversations on your posts, relevant businesses and clients. It is called social media after all. ⠀
• Tag other pages relevant to your business⠀(you can tag up to 20 other pages

4. Paid Social
Finally, the quickest way to build your audience with relevant followers is to invest in paid social. The engagement objective is a cost-effective way to gain engagement on your posts and your page from the right people. Start with £5 to £10 a day and run for minimum of a week. ⠀

If you are interested in learning more about social media strategy or paid social, get in touch and let’s chat.

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  1. Neil

    Really helpful! Thanks.

    1. soniajrutter

      Thanks Neil, your @meet.less feed looks great, keep posting

  2. Label Monk

    I could see only three, main line mentions 4 ways. Great content!!

    1. soniajrutter

      Thanks for the prompt, I missed off the last point!🤦🏽‍♀️

      It’s on now… the 4 ways to increase your followers are through your bio,content, engagement and paid social

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