‘To Boost or Not to Boost’ that is the question

When the prompt to ‘BOOST’ or ‘PROMOTE’ a post comes up in Facebook and Instagram what do you do?

What’s the difference between these and other ads?

Here’s the good and bad of boosted ads  

Pros of boosted ads

👍🏽 Its quick and simple – can use an existing post and needs minimal knowledge

👍🏽 Increases reach – making up for organic losses

👍🏽 Low cost – good if you’re working with a very small budget

👍🏽 Gathers social proof – if a post has performed well, boost it and broadcast out to a larger audience.

Cons of boosted ads

👎 Limited channels – won’t be seen on Stories, Messenger, IGTV or cross advertised on other Facebook platforms

👎 Limited customisation – copy with an image/video only. No carousels, unique headlines, CTAs etc

👎 Lack of data – it’s difficult to see what’s working

👎 Limited Targeting – only allows very high-level targeting

👎 No testing options

👎 Not a long-term strategy – You can waste a lot of money very quickly and not get results

Boosting posts is not the same as advertising on Facebook!  

It might be easy to do but to get good results you need Ads Manager which can be a bit tricky, but if you know what you are doing, it works and gets results

If you want to get to grips with Ads Manager, pre-book an hour with me and let’s demystify the dark art of Facebook ads. Look at Power Hours in here https://soniarutter.com/home/services/

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