How to get your Facebook Ads superpower working for you now.. even if you are doing ads yet

Have you ever wondered what the Facebook Pixel is? or are curious to know what it does? 

The Facebook Pixel is an amazing tool, it’s your Facebook Ads superpower (honestly, it is!) 

What is it?

The Pixel is a FREE bit of code that you add to your website, which allows you to do some pretty amazing things

What does it do?

The Facebook Pixel let’s you:-

  • Create website audiences
  • Create lookalike audiences
  • Track conversions
  • Allows retargeting
  • Optimise your ads

How do I set it up?

As the saying goes, ‘here’s one I made (setup) earlier’. 

This video goes through the steps of what to do

How do I check if I have one already?

Add the ‘Facebook Pixel Helper’ extension from the Google Chrome browser to check if the pixel is installed and firing. If you need some help leave me a message


Even if you aren’t ready to do Facebook ads yet, set it up and getting it firing to collect data and to understand your customers more.


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