Marketing & Social Media expert

Setup, Strategy & Support

Do you want to run Facebook Ads but find Business Manager overwhelming?

When we work together, I’ll do all the behind-the-scenes prep for your ads before teaching you how to manage them yourself.

How it works...


One-hour kick-off zoom call where I get to know your business and goals.


I’ll make sure your Business Manager and pixel (a piece of Facebook code on your website) are set-up properly.


We’ll deep-dive into your ideal customers and create targeted audiences.  This is crucial to the success of your ads because if you get it wrong, your ads won’t be shown to people who want to buy from you.


I’ll plan your campaign strategy including goals, audiences and content ideas.


During a 2 hour session, I’ll teach you how to confidently create, manage and monitor your ads.  You’ll walk away knowing how to produce high performing ads that are set up for success.

Your investment

From £1200.

Frequently asked questions

Will this service save me money?

Yes!  Half the battle with ads is making sure they’re set-up properly.  Once your ads are set-up, you’ll have the skills and confidence to manage them yourself saving on monthly management fees.

Will I be able to do this?

Absolutely.  I make everything simple and tailor my service to you.

Can I learn how to run ads for free online?

You can.  But Facebook ads change regularly and a lot of online advice is already out of date.  With my service, I’ll share the latest information and ensure everything is laser-focussed on achieving your goals.